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GPRS to give talk at RAF Cosford Museum

October 26, 2018

The Glider Pilot Regiment Society will be giving a talk at RAF Cosford Museum where a number of speakers will look back at the Glider Pilot Regiment and the Royal Air Force during the Second World War. The talk commences at 14:00 on Saturday, 17th November, 2018



Officially formed in 1942, the Glider Pilot Regiment was an elite regiment of the British Army. It was made up of volunteers from other parts of the Army. Only those who achieved the highest standards were selected for flying training, initially training on powered aircraft before learning to fly gliders. Once fully qualified, they flew huge unpowered aircraft, capable of carrying troops, jeeps, artillery pieces and even tanks. They achieved extraordinary feats of flying, landing on unprepared landing zones behind enemy lines, and taking up arms to fight beside the troops which they carried into battle. They adopted whatever role was required of them, operating as pilots, infantry and even sometimes medics. As a result, they became known as “Total Soldiers”.


Despite being an Army unit, the Regiment relied heavily on the Royal Air Force to provide training, tug aircraft and eventually glider pilots. Together they participated in some of the most famous turning points in the War including the invasion of Sicily, D-Day and Operation Market Garden. In the last Second World War airborne operation, Operation Varsity, they piloted gliders side by side. This talk celebrates the relationship between the Glider Pilot Regiment and the RAF, and a significant anniversary for the Glider Pilot Regiment which coincides with the Royal Air Force centenary. 


Tickets can be booked for the event on the RAF Cosford website here 


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