Airborne Service: The Life of S/Sgt Walter Mullett


Written by Walter Mullett

Compiled by Ramon de Heer


As was typical of his generation, Walter was a very modest man, able to sum up his life's escapades as "simply a narrative about an average fellow who grew up between the two world wars and whose experiences may appeal to those who don’t like reading works of fiction".


With the halcyon days of his youth rudely interrupted by the outbreak of war, Walter joined the British Army and later volunteered for the Glider Pilot Regiment; a decision, which would position him en route to Arnhem in September 1944. Wounded in action during the battle, Walter was taken prisoner and endured many months in captivity, was forced marched across Germany and eventually made it back 'over the wire'. After the war, Walter proudly served with Cardiff City Police and later emigrated to Australia with his family, where he would embark on another career and continue to enjoy his life.....non too seriously.


Published: 2017

Pages: 75

Airborne Service