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D-Day 78

We commemorated the 75th Anniversary when we were last able to meet in large numbers; so this year has been very special, as part of the Regiment's 80th Anniversary.


RAF Harwell was the home of the Regiment's 'A' Squadron. The Harwell Stone stands at the end of the runway from which the tugs and gliders left for Normandy.

( Images Credit: Simon Haycox/Frank Dumbleton)

Tarrant Rushton

RAF Tarrant Rushton was the home of 'C' Squadron, whose pilots flew the Hamilcar. The six Horsas bound for the Caen Canal Bridge (Pegasus) and the River Orne Bridge (Horsa) also left from here.

(Images Credit: Peter Bound)


Several members travelled to Normandy and were present at the various services and events that took place. Here is just a selection of photos.

(Images Credit: Dave Harney/John Nicholls/Grace Nicholls

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