• Steve Wright

D-Day 75 - Normandy

A number of members, including Denzil Cooper one of our D-Day Veterans, were joined by huge

crowds to take part in a truly wonderful programme of events and ceremonies to celebrate and

remember events that took place on that memorable day seventy-five years ago.

Amongst the highlights was the welcoming of runners who had taken part in the sponsored 75 mile run from Tarrant Rushton to Pegasus Bridge. Several of our members took part in this – Dave Harney, David Harney and Daisy Nolan raising just over £7000 between the three of them for The Veterans Charity. Thank you to everyone who sponsored them. This however was only a brief stop as they still had the final 10 miles to go from the River Dives bridge, where the fourth glider had been released at the wrong point and landed at the River Dives mistaking it for the River Orne. They dedicated a new plaque to the memory of Glider pilots S/Sgt Lawrence and S/Sgt Shorter and the men of 22 Platoon. They then marched the 10 miles back to Pegasus Bridge just as the men did 75 years ago. There were many sore feet, limbs and tears but we are immensely proud of all of them.

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