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Market Garden 75 - Double Hills, Paulton

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

On 1st September, fine weather drew a large crowd of people to the Double Hills Memorial for the annual service to remember the first casualties of the operation, the pilots and passengers of Horsa Glider Chalk 329, on 17th September. The glider, which had taken off from RAF Keevil, crashed in a field below where the memorial now stands. . There were no survivors.

This year also marked the 40th Anniversary of the unveiling of the Double Hills memorial by Maj. Gen. ‘Roy’ Urquhart of the 1st Airborne Division. A contingent from 676 Sqn. A.A.C. paraded the GPRA Standard and they were joined by a detachment from 9th Field Sqn. R.E.

Lt. Col. Nick Nichols MBE (Ret’d) laid a wreath on behalf of the Glider Pilots.

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